Monday, December 19, 2011

Gingersnap Cookies

Really they should be called ginger soft cookies, or something like that. There is no snap to them. Just a superrrr delicious soft gingery cookie.  
I literally had to just take it straight from the recipe since they looked THAT good. I think I'm obsessed. Make these for Christmas. I'm not kidding. Make them. No need for gingerbread cookies, because these will for sure do the trick. 
This was actually my first time using molasses. Definitely won't be my last either. Especially since I have that whole jar now! 
I think I love baking a little too much for someone who has a ton of other things to do besides bake.
You can just see all the spices mixed in with the flour. I love that. And the fact that I love that probably justifies my last comment about loving baking too much. I can literally be sitting at my desk at work, and randomly get an idea of something I want to make. I have a list of things... If only I had the time to actually try them out. One of these weekends I'll get around to it.
As for these cookies.. I want to bake another batch right now.
Enjoy :)

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