Sunday, March 13, 2011

Snickerdoodle Cupcakes

 This weekend was one of my best friends birthdays. I made the trip to Towson to spend it with her and of course it was the perfect time to bake! I've been all about switching up my usual go-to-recipe of devil's food cake, and with an entire tablespoon of cinnamon in the batter, it was quite difficult to say no to making these yummy treats! Another one from Martha Stewart's cupcake book, gotta love her. 

You can get the full recipe from her website. I suggest for the milk to use whole milk, not 1% or 2%, it will help these cupcakes stay moist, also you may want to cut the time down to 18 minutes. It all depends on your oven! 

I happened to have a lot of frosting left over. You may want to cut it down and only make 3/4 of the seven-minute frosting recipe. Since I didn't know this, with the extra frosting I decided to make "tops". I lined a cookie sheet with parchment paper and piped the frosting in cute swirly tops (with the cinnamon sugar sprinkled on top) and then put them into the oven for about 10 minutes. They puff up a lot in the oven, and when you take them out, they completely fall, but they taste like toasted marshmallows and therefore are still delicious, even if they aren't the most visually appealing. If you own a small kitchen torch, this frosting also takes really well to browning (essentially what I was trying to do in the oven)

I also have a huge obsession with miniature cupcakes. I made some with the extra batter after making the normal 24-cupcake batch. They only need about 9 minutes to cook. 


Photo by Emi Niesi


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  1. Emi is pretty good at taking pictures of food. I'm sure these cupcakes were great.