Sunday, February 20, 2011

"Triple Threat"

This is a recipe that I call the 'triple threat'. I was stumbling around the internet one day and found a recipe for a pie/cake/brownie. I've never been the biggest fan of pie, so immediately I thought, "let me replace pie with a cookie!", and here's what came out of it.

Things you'll need: 
1 Batter of chocolate chip cookie dough
1 Brownie batter
1 cake batter

The best thing about this recipe is that there's so much room for experimenting (which is one of my favorite things in baking). If you have a die-hard chocolate fan, you can use a chocolate cake batter and a chocolate cookie batter, for 3 times more chocolate. For my first time baking this, I used a boxed brownie batter to make it a little simpler. Here's my favorite cookie batter (personalize it by adding your favorite mix-in, be it chocolate chips, M&M's or anything else!)

Cookie Batter:
            1 1/8 cup flour
            ½ tsp baking soda
            ½ tsp salt
            ½ cup butter
            ¾ cup, half sugar & brown sugar
            ½ tsp vanilla
            1 egg

Combine & mix butter, sugars & vanilla. Add egg then gradually add all dry ingredients. Chocolate chips or other ingredients optional; approximately ¾ - 1 cup.

You can use any basic brownie batter. Packaged or from scratch. Remember to use only half a batter or prepare to bake extra brownies!

You can also use just about any cake batter, I personally liked vanilla. Only prepare HALF, or, like the Brownies, you will have a lot of leftovers!

Set oven at 350 degrees.
Line a mini muffin tray with paper liners. Drop a teaspoon of cake batter to cover the bottom. Then drop a teaspoon of brownie batter to cover the top of the cake batter. Next, drop a teaspoon of cookie dough to center. Since the cake batter will rise, the brownie batter will cover the top of the cake and "fall" under, creating it as shown in the picture. Cook approximately 10-13 minutes. You want the cake to be cooked, but it is perfect when the brownie batter is still moist. Do NOT overcook.

Made with chocolate cake, brownies, and chocolate chip cookies! (Photo by Emi Niesi)

 Hope you enjoy!

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